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Holmshornet with skis on a sack - May 2018

Have long looked at this exciting peak, Holmshornet, and it has been high on the wish list. I grew up by the fjord just below, and many times in my childhood we were at Sæbønestua and looked behind the rugged peaks that lay behind us; Shed, steep mountains, and wild peaks that looked impregnable. And Holmshornet at the far end, shaped like a point over Hjørundfjorden.

But until now it had been a dream.

It had to be a nice day, with dry conditions in the mountains, because the swamps get very slippery when it gets wet. The messages were great, and we had plans to take a trip to check the conditions ..

På veg opp skondalen gjennom skodda med ski på sekk

I woke up to a thick shroud, but a quick flick through Yr.no and the webcam at Eitrefjell, I understood that this would be a beautiful day. Perfect for a little pinnacle 😀

The snow was still some distance down in Skondalen. We filled our bags with climbing equipment and took our skis on. We could not let the opportunity for a little spring slush go away from us when we were still going up in Skondalen ..

We had not come far up through Skondalen before we were over the Skodde Sea. These are the most beautiful rides, I think; When I wake up down by the fjord to a thick shroud, but know that only a few hundred meters above me there is sun and blue sky. Then I'm not late out of bed 😀

over skodda i skondalen med ski på sekk

The skis are still on the rucksack, but after about 500 meters we can strap them on.

på med skia 500 meter opp i Skondalen på veg mot Holmshornet

..So yes! Good on skis on the legs!

Egga mot Holmshornet, Lynghalstinden og Saudekråtinden nedenfor oss

The ski is parked in the gorge where we usually turn left towards Dalegubben. Today, however, we were going to the right, and up on the ridge of peaks we had never been before any of us. There is a lot of snow at the back and along the egg at the top. It was firm and nice, and very helpful when we had to traverse through the egg.

tinderangling over hjørundfjorden

Dry and fine mountains, world-class peaks <3

Egga mot Holmshornet

Stone on its way over the egg, Holmshornet towers wildly and beautifully behind.

Holmshornet over Hjørundfjorden på Sunnmøre

Lynghalstinden and Saudekråtinden below us towards Hjørundfjorden

This one went straight into the top 10! Here we must return to spend the night!

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