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Ski trip and accommodation at Dalegubben

We had planned Holmshornet <3 My absolute favorite, this day. So we loaded the bags with accommodation equipment, some climbing equipment and skis on the bag. We start at Søbøneset, and went Åseråsa towards Gunnarråsa, we thought it was okay to walk the slackest ravine at least for a while, Skondalen is long and heavy enough so we would have to struggle in time ... But the forest was close through the ravine, and the skis long , so it might have paid off to go Gunnarråsa as well :-)

gjennom skogen i åseråsa But we got up and out of the forest, just across the river at the entrance to Skondalen we could go skiing, and the backpack was immediately easier to carry: .-)

lunch i skondalen

3 hours of toil from the start at Sæbøneset we were supposed to have a well-deserved break, and it was laaang :-D In fact 3 hours, we sat there in the snow and just enjoyed the view, ate, and ate again ... before we went on . It was a beautiful day, we start in a little cloudy weather, but it was warm and nice. Proper summer temperature.

Well up in the gorge, where we were to turn right over the egg, we saw that there was still too much snow for it to be justifiable to climb over without snow anchors. So we went for plan B, but there is no bad plan B. Dalagubben is wonderful to wake up to, I have done it once before, and the view is fabulous!

This is my absolute favorite site. Right across from my childhood home, the most beautiful playpen one can ask for! No wonder I smile from ear to ear. Behind me they tower in a row, Lynghalstinden highest in the picture, and then Saudekråtinden.

Well up on Dalagubben we had goood time, took a lot of pictures, and ate lunch again before dinner ... Today we had skipped the steak ... since we had so much to go on we made the easiest choice : Real turmat, absolutely fine! But wine, THAT we can not do without when we spend the night in such an exclusive place <3

The sunset was drowning in some dangerous clouds, but we got to see the pink and orange colors. I had hoped that the sun would come into the fjord and paint Stålberghornet and the other fjord mountains pink, but it did not today. There have been such fantastic sunsets lately, but just today there were a little too many clouds on the horizon for her to shine through the fjord before she went down for the evening. But no reason to laugh at it .. It was beautiful anyway!

... and 3 hours later she was there again .. Midsummer night ie <3

We slept a little longer, then I woke up to the smell of coffee; Stein had sneaked out of the bag before me, and was in full swing with breakfast. It was a hot day, and the sun had begun to work with the snow in Skondalen. Best to get down before there was a danger of sun-forms.

A small stop at Fredbua at the top of Gunnarråsa, and a little wobbling on these ... Another great overnight stay was in luck, and the memory bank filled to the brim <3

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