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Saksa, my first summit trip <3

It's 07, I've got my second cup of coffee and the daily oatmeal. Dress me and take a walk in the mud. It made it down yesterday, but the mild weather has turned in overnight and turned it into wet slush. The birds are chirping, and stepping on the road where deer have crossed just hours before me. It is a nice morning, bright and the morning light plays with the shutter dancing around the mountain tops. I take a deep breath, and feel the smell of freshly cut timber from where they are chopping down the spruces in Gunnar-råsa. This beautiful country of ours, now burdened by the Corona crisis. It's a completely unreal everyday life now, turned upside down overnight in many ways. I just came from Ørsta now, and met a desperate owner of a shop, she was going to close down. Bankruptcy overnight. This is going to have huge consequences for all of us, I'm afraid.

I'm in the rush with my App (another story ..), but need to blog a bit too. Some summit hikes are not relevant at the moment, so I have to take a virtual tour of the memory bank; Deep dive to my first Topp overnight stay at Saksa💕

The view quickly reveals itself up through the Leknes neck 🙂

It was a beautiful summer day, and I persuaded the girls to join Saksa. Yes, it was only on one condition: That Besta joins. And the grandmother did not let herself be prayed for twice, she is a strong 70-year-old with a lot of Stirr… Stirret has helped her many times, and she basically manages what she decides. Whether it's tearing down walls, building natural stone walls, or like this day; go to Saksa with heavy packing to spend the night🥰

We took 5 ferries across the fjord, and were strictly a little late out. Instead of walking from Urke, we wanted to walk from Leknes, to have a view of the fjord all the way. It was insane with mini-floats, and I went and brushed off the bags of the girls along the way.

elise i et tre på vei til saksa

Elise has found a nice resting bench on a crooked birch.

We had been busy finding water up by the old farm walls at Leknesnakken, and luckily we did! Because it was a hot evening, and you only have to have the morning coffee after a tent overnight. After we had filled all the bottles, we went on, and eventually saw that the sunset was going to be hard .. Elena and I went ahead, and Elise kept the party company in the back. We reached just before the sun went down, set up the tent and started dinner before dark.

Elena at the cairn at the top while the sun is going down.

Jentene sover på toppen av saksa

Elena preferred a tent, while Elise and I lay outside 🙂

nydelige kveldsfarger i solnedgang saksa

… these colors ie🤩🙏🏻

The girls got up after a while, and we washed up with a good breakfast. Mom looked up both juice and juice, to the girls' great joy🥰 Then understood why she struggled extra up the slopes🥰 Kind mom💞

morgenstund på saksa

New d eligible morningst I slipped out of the bag in the middle of the night, and rigged myself with the coffee to see the sun rise p 🥰

fjorden i soloppgang

Otholhornet and Kjerringøyra, one of my favorite areas just above Skår.

elena i teltet på saksa

Elena enjoys herself, does not feel like getting up 🙂

The sun has risen well in the sky, and it's time to pack up. It's a lovely warm day and it's expected migration on Saksa today. It has become a very popular summit hike after the trail was organized by Sherpas and Saksa Hiking Association.

On the way down we stopped at the ruins at Leknesnakken, and basked in the sun.Mom was visited by a butterfly that sat comfortably on her glasses🤩

A beautiful trip is over, and I am bitten by the Accommodation-on-the-top-bacillus While I was sitting there on the top, alone with my coffee cup while the others slept, I decided next summit trip with accommodation: It had to be right across the fjord; Stålberghornet, i.e.🥰🤩

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