About us

My name is Inger Lise, and after 20 years in the oil city of Stavanger I moved back to my childhood village of Sæbø together with my two daughters in 2017
My education is civil engineering in Petroleum Technology, but after many years away from the fjord and mountains I just had to go home :-) Sæbø is a small town by the Hjørundfjord in Møre and Romsdal. The fjord is surrounded by sharp peaks, and is a lovely and untouched area for nature experiences both by the fjord and in the surrounding mountains.
I started DoUdare at lockdown in 2020, when I started playing a bit with the many thousands of fjord and mountain pictures that I have lying around from countless trips in the Sunnmør Alps.

The image-printed training tops were the start of DoUdare, and they were soon followed by tights, singlets and shorts in the same style.
I have always liked a challenge, and my motto is:
You don't know if you can do it until you try.
DoUdare - Do you dare
Challenging yourself.
Dare to dare to try what you want and dream about.
Jump into the unknown without too much hesitation.
For some, it may be enough to get up in the morning, to dare to go to the shop. Meeting people and relating to others.
For others, daring can be climbing a new mountain, climbing a new route or driving a new line.
Or dare to make a change in the middle of life; Moving, changing jobs, or getting out of a relationship.
No matter what challenges, goals and dreams you have; Step by step when you reach the highest peaks.
Dear to dream
Dear to try
Dear to fail
Dear to live

5% av overskuddet..

..doneres til å bekjempe psykiske problemer blant våre ungdommer. Så ved å handle i vår nettbutikk, er du samtidig med på å støtte denne viktige jobben.