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Goggle / ski goggles protection - goggle protection with Sunnmørsk motif

Goggle / ski goggles protection - goggle protection with Sunnmørsk motif

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Goggle / ski goggle socks are made of a gentle microfiber that protects your ski goggles when they are not in use or on the helmet while you are après ski, in the ski bus or in the ski lift.

The cover can also be used as a goggle cloth when the ski goggles need cleaning.

The socks are brilliant when you want to avoid getting scratches on the ski goggles. You put them on easily while wearing the glasses on top of the helmet, even with gloves on. When it is not in use, it takes up almost no space and can therefore fit nicely in your pocket. If the goggles are wet, the socks allow them to breathe and dry faster than if they were kept in a goggle bag in the rucksack.

Specifications and features

90% polyester and 10% viscose
Can both protect and clean the lens
Easy to put on/off
Allows the glasses to breathe and thus also dry quickly
Practical when taking a break and wearing the glasses on the forehead or on the helmet
Machine washable

Ved å velge Klarna, kan du velge 30 dagers utsettelse på betalingen, prøve varen i ro og mak og evnetuelt returenere den før beløpet trekkes.

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