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Kufjordkoppen cup engraved "Kufjord koppen"

Kufjordkoppen cup engraved "Kufjord koppen"

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Dear children have many names, and from ancient times the Hjørundfjorden was called the cow fjord.
Farmers in the islands then rowed their cows into the Hjørundfjord so that they would graze on the green fields in summer and thus produce more and better milk.

You can now order the Kufjord cup here, and I will send it when it is expected to be in stock at the beginning of August☕️

It is handmade, and holds 200ml.

There is a good handle, and a leather strap so it can be easily attached to the bag.

Ved å velge Klarna, kan du velge 30 dagers utsettelse på betalingen, prøve varen i ro og mak og evnetuelt returenere den før beløpet trekkes.

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