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Thermo cup cup SUNNMØRSTAUS in various colours

Thermo cup cup SUNNMØRSTAUS in various colours

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Lovely thermo cup in steel with lid. The lid of the cups has an open/close mechanism for drinking.

Perfect for both hot and cold drinks, or for the fridge gravy at lunch, as it keeps cold drinks cold for 9 hours, and hot drinks hot for 3 hours.

Please rinse/wash before use
Must be hand washed, not dishwasher safe
Made in stainless steel and is approved for food/drinks
Double insulated walls that keep drinks cold/hot for many hours.


Height: 11.5 cm
Width: 9 cm
Volume: 360 ml
Weight: 215 gr

This is a reusable product and has a long life, and is therefore better for the environment than a single-use product.
The cup and bottle are stainless steel and can be source sorted as metal, the lid as plastic.

To get the full effect of the durability of the drink, what you fill in must be hot/cold .

This is also available with "SUNNMØRING" and "SYTALAUST"

Ved å velge Klarna, kan du velge 30 dagers utsettelse på betalingen, prøve varen i ro og mak og evnetuelt returenere den før beløpet trekkes.

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