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Water-resistant nylon hammock with integrated mosquito net

Water-resistant nylon hammock with integrated mosquito net

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Lovely hammock made of parachute material, with space for 1-2 people, 290 x 140 cm. I have this in three different colors that show well in nature :-)

It comes with an integrated mosquito net, which is fixed to the hammock with a durable zip. Here, there are no small bugs that can sneak in while you sleep! If you wish to use the hammock without mosquito netting, you simply turn it 180 degrees around so that the netting comes under the bunk and you lie on the other side of the canvas :-)

There are two pockets; A large one that also functions as storage for the bunk, as well as a smaller one to keep your phone and small items in.

Carabiners are attached to each end of the hammock which are easily attached to the straps without the need to tie them.

The 2 strong straps can be easily adjusted around the tree with 6 different choices of height adjustments.

This product goes well with the tarp we have in two different colours, which protects against precipitation, you can find it here.

Ved å velge Klarna, kan du velge 30 dagers utsettelse på betalingen, prøve varen i ro og mak og evnetuelt returenere den før beløpet trekkes.

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